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Venti Ginans

Ghatpat sitting Vol 9 Part I
Ghatpat Sitting Ginans
May 14, 2019
Ruhani Khayal Volume 7
Ruhani Khayal
December 6, 2018

Venti Ginans



  1. Salma Mughal says:

    Amazing accomplishment. Mubarak ! I just wished you had translated the Ginans with English translations, before singing the particular ginan, to help our youth understand what they are singing and to continue this wonderful tradition.

  2. Alnazir says:

    Salma Mughal has just hit the bull right in the eye !!
    Please provide English translation.
    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT !! Thank you ?

  3. Salim jivani says:

    Keep up good work

  4. Yasmin Amin says:

    Thank you very much. I am from Bangladesh. I love Ginans from my childhood. I very much appreciate this site.

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