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Ruhani Khayal

Venti CD Volume 8 Part I
Venti Ginans
February 15, 2019
Khushhali Ginans
November 26, 2018

Ruhani Khayal


Ruhani Khayal

Volume 7
Ruhani Khayal


Ruhani Khayal




  1. Y Ramji says:

    Very beautiful ginans .

  2. Kamruddin pirani says:

    Beautiful Ginans,
    Thank you,
    Mowla bless us all.

  3. zohra mehboob says:

    good job good voice may god bless you

  4. Sal says:

    Beautiful ginan and beautiful voices

  5. Bk says:

    Nice … I love it ginan

  6. Husseinali Esmail says:

    Thanks to all the reciters???
    What a beautiful treasure you have created.
    Every word is recited so clearly . We are blown away with the clearity !!WOW MOWLA BLESS YOU ALL

  7. Gulshan pirani says:

    You have touch many hearts! Mawla bless you with lots of Barakat in Din and Duniya!

  8. Alnoor says:

    Thank u so much I have no words but to say thank u.

  9. Karim Bhai says:

    Thanks ,Mawla Bless all your team members Beautiful App &ginan

  10. Nizar Alibhsi says:

    Our tradition.Hazar Imam wants us to preseve.

  11. Zaitoon says:

    Shukhar very beautiful ginan

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