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Ismali Qasidas
Ismaili Qasida’s
September 25, 2018
Choghadia Volume 3 Part I & II
July 25, 2018


Imam ‘Ali’s aphorisms and wise counsels inspired the spiritual life of Muslims through the centuries and in many different lands. His words were thus translated into numerous languages across the Muslim world. The Kalame Mawla is a moving poetic rendition of his teachings in Hindustani. The work exhorts the believers to observe virtues such as brotherhood, honesty and generosity. This manuscript, written in a beautiful Khojki hand in Mumbai (Bombay), contains a few choice couplets at the end, including a verse of the famous Persian poet Hafiz.

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Copied in 1908 samvat/1851 by Khoja Alahrakhea Koriji


  1. Nury Ramji says:

    Excellent job.

  2. Nadiya says:

    Amazing work
    Thank you for sharing Nd spreading Ilm

  3. Akber Hameed says:

    Thank you.

  4. Noorin Charaniya says:

    Amazing work ? Thanks for sharing ???

  5. Noorin says:

    Amazing work ? Thanks for sharing ???

  6. Azhar Ali Shaikh says:

    Ma Sha Allah bohat khubsurat maula hazar imam ap ki khidmat qabul Kare ameen

  7. Muneera bhai says:

    It’s excellent work, love to hear it beautiful voice specially kalame mawla thank you

  8. Shamsah says:

    Love to hear.mashaallah too good. Keep doing the good work. And spreading ilm

  9. Very good mashaallh I love it thank you sooo much for sharing . I really appreciate ????

  10. Fatima Khan says:

    I appreciate the efforts of entire team. It’s a great initiative. I would appreciate if english/Urdu translation can be added as it will give better understanding.

  11. Shaiq Ali says:

    It’s excellent work, thank you for sharing

  12. Gulshan charaniya says:

    Mashaallh very good voice thank you sooo much I really appreciate for sharing May Mawla Bless you ??????

  13. Kasim kurban Sadiwala says:

    Mashahallah 2good pray Mawla gives more time Himmat Hikmat to spread ILM “SO PADHO SIKHO SUNO AUR SUNAVO YUH MAWLA ME HUKAM FARMAYA”

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