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Garbi CD Volume 1 Part I & II
Soulful Garbi’s
May 1, 2018
kalam-e-Mowla Volume 2
September 20, 2018
kalam-e-Mowla Volume 2
September 20, 2018
Garbi CD Volume 1 Part I & II
Soulful Garbi’s
May 1, 2018


The word gadi means "time", corresponding with the Koranic term, sa’a. During the Ancient times in India, day and night were measured in gadi instead of hours or minutes. Under this computation, the term "chogadiyu’n" represents a duration of 90 minutes. Clepsydras were regulated to measure the time and ghadiyal or gong to announce the hour to the people in principal towns. Generally, a day is also divided into 8 parts (not that of pahor), each part contains 1 hour and 30 minutes. The first part starting with the sunrise on that day, and last part ending on sunset on that day approximately for the day times. Similarly, there are 8 parts starting with sunset of current day and ending at sunrise next day.

In ancient time, during the proclamation of the new kingdom, the singers and poets were invited to sing songs to announce the new kingdom of the regions under his sway. From the palace or temple, a trumpet was blown at an interval of four gadis during the day to glorify the new kingdom. The first sound was blown at dawn and the last at dusk. The singing of the songs or blowing of the trumpet was also called the chogadia. Sometimes, the winding shell or horn, known as the shankh in Hindi, surah in Arabic or sped muhra in Persian was blown on the hilltop for this purpose.

In religious context, the broadcast of similar significance after every four gadis twice a day as reaffirmation of Spiritual Kingdom of the Imam on earth, seems to have sprang as the paramount importance and absolute necessity in the Indian Ismailis.

It is also a significant that the recitation of chogadia at evening is followed by the tasbih. In some places, the Mukhi recites the tasbih, but in others the reciter himself/herself recites the tasbih. Thus, the evening chogadia has remained very distinct, while the tendency of the morning chogadia is being melted away as if it were insignificant.

Full Article Reference: Introduction of Choghadiya Ginans
By Mumtaz Ali Tajudin, Sadiq Ali
Scholar of The Shia Imami Ismaili Tariqah & Religious Education Board (ITREB), Pakistan


Volume 3 Part 1 & 2


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