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Ghatpat Standing Ginans

Ghatpat sitting Vol 9 Part I
Ghatpat Sitting Ginans
May 14, 2019
Satara Venti
Satara Venti
September 16, 2019


  1. Gulshan Charaniya says:

    Very good ginan mashaallh I loved it . awesome Amazing very good voice plz keep doing May mawla Bapa bless you all Aameen

  2. Raheem Shamsi says:

    Nice and appreciateable efforts

  3. ATUL PANJWANI says:

    Good Excellent

  4. Rubina Bhimani says:

    Beautiful collections with beautiful voice.

  5. Beautiful Ginans with deep mysteries in very melodious voices

  6. Dilshad says:

    Awesome team work 👏 Melodious voice. Thank you.

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