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Anant Akhado

Brahm Prakash Vol 15
Brahm Prakash
November 6, 2019
Brahm Prakash Vol 15
Brahm Prakash
November 6, 2019


  1. Zehra Hussain Jiwani says:

    It’s absolutely amazing app please continue doing it

  2. Moosa Bhayani says:

    So nice wonderful work. This is how we will be able to keep live of our wonderful traditional treasure. Thank you so much for such a great work.

  3. Fateema says:

    Thank you guys for giving us all the very Best of our din our Mazhab. Very essential for all of us. What we are ignorant about we get it from here.
    Thank you……..Thank you………Thank you…….
    Proud have you guys.

  4. Nadia says:

    Ya Ali madad its amazing keep it conti….. If possible Only meaning uploaded (anant akaro) Kalam e mowla and saloko without raag only meaning Thanks.

  5. Nafeesa says:

    It’s really amazing thanks

  6. Naseem virani says:

    Bless u for shareing Shukhaar Moula ??

  7. Naseem Virani says:

    Shukhaar Moula Bless for shareing ??.

  8. Gulshan charaniya says:

    Yaa Ali Madad very beautiful voice mashaallh thank you sooo much for sharing I really appreciate May Mawla Bapa bless you and all family Aameen ??????❤️

  9. Excellent collection. Of Spiritual material

  10. Salim Noorani says:

    Thank you wonderful work

  11. Shams Samnani says:

    Thankyou so much.. this is amazing .. please my humble request send us more if possible so we can continue connect with Anant Akharo and meaning. Full of joy, peace of mind , soul and body.
    May Mowla keep you Away in his knowledge, love and his supreme blessing always Ameen!

  12. Shams Samnani says:

    Yam it’s amazing ! Can you please send complete Anant Akharo recording with meaning so far I can see it’s has only 125 parts or I m missing anything please guide me

    • Abdul Kamruddin says:

      Thanks very nice what a wonderful work this will keep us more attached to our religion specially during this period while Jamatkhanas are close. May Mowla gives you all more strength and courage to make this kind of work so person like me can learn more about our religion because I do not know Gujarati and specially with meaning amazing I could not stop expressing more but thanks again I will be waiting for more

  13. Zaher meghji says:

    Fantastic well presented..and so useful in the format created

  14. Gulzar virani says:

    It’s very healing in time of crisis n illnesses.
    I would love to have more recording of your Ashaji. You have beautiful voice

  15. Malek Moosa says:

    It’s excellent May Mowla bless u plenty

  16. Valliani Family says:

    Wonderful for great efforts ???

  17. Aziz Pirani says:

    When we listen, it seems that we are very close to God MasahAllah Amazing

  18. zaher NATO says:

    Excellent !!! Merci beaucoup , yam de Paris.

  19. Sadruddin Bana says:

    Excellent collection thank you for sharing

  20. Aman says:

    Shukhaar moula bless for shareing

  21. Aziz amlani says:

    Excellent excellent excellent

  22. Abdulali Panjwani says:

    Heart touching Excellent Amazing

    • Mahendimohmad Charolia says:

      Thanks very Nice for wonderful hard work is
      Also we are really appreciate song is Excellent, Excellent Excellent ???

  23. Nassir Hudda says:

    Shukar Shukar Shukar May Mowla Bless you all for your good work , We pray that may Mowla accept all your sevas.

  24. Sultanbhai says:

    Thanks. Keep it up. Mawla bless you all.

  25. Nh says:

    Just very grateful for all this hard work you have all done. Shukr.

  26. Meghna Somjee says:

    So blissful! Thanks for all the hard work and effort !

  27. Raheem Punjani says:

    Ya ali Madad
    Please Continue this will be Very SECRET Treasure for Next Generations, Even for us when we are listening the Politeness of our Peer Mabap ( NO WORD) Please Continue Mowla will Bless you Always, This is very Secret sewa like a Die once again Thanks

  28. Farin says:

    This is amazing. Thank you so much. Anyway you are able to give meaning in English , as our younger jamat have a hard time understanding. I feel like they are getting left behind. Thank you again for sharing your ability and helping us all understand.

  29. Alshams ladha says:

    This is the original raag. Thank you

  30. Nazima Somani says:

    Yaalimadad, it is very nice to hear. If we are made available with the soft copy of the same , it will make us understand by reading

  31. AR says:

    Thank you for putting it all together. Such precious gems.

  32. iAmin says:

    This is the special gift of speritual enlargement

  33. Amin says:

    Please accept my special appreciation as US ginan group has kept the Ismali tradition alive

  34. Amin says:

    Heart touching voice that creates divine environment

  35. Nazira ali says:

    Beautiful voice with meaning too

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